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Secure & Reliable

Here at Galactic Servers, we offer secure connection to all of your data and provide the regular back up’s on reliable hardware.

Unique & Fine-tuned

We are completely different to anything you have ever tried before. We work with you to bring your server to the next level.

Bespoke Support

Unlike normal hosting, we're with you ever step of the way to ensure your server project is an outstanding success to everyone.

Premium Servers

All server are ran on premium hardware with no lag, we dedicated all power to your server brining the best performance possible.

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So why choose us?

Security & Protection

Nearly all of our servers come with guaranteed DDoS protection to protect your clients and your data from disruption of service. We also employ only the latest security methods to keep your data secure and out of reach from competitors and hackers.

Performance & Quality

We only deploy the latest and greatest from the vast range of server at our disposal and we regularly check the performance levels of all of our client's servers to ensure the expected levels of service do not drop below the standards we aim to achieve.

Personal Support

Every client gets their very own dedicated staff member assigned to their account to guide them through thick and thin at Galactic Servers. Your assigned account manager will have an array of skills and can be adapted to your project at any stage.

Other Opportunities

While you remain a client at Galactic Servers we will do as much as we possible can to offer you the world. Or more realistically, our in house developers are always available for hire under discounted prices for your web, server and coding needs.

Data Reconnaissance

We know how extremely frustrating losing your data can be. That's why at every level, we do our very best to ensure that your data cannot be lost, stolen or corrupted. But in the unlikely case that we cannot stop the inevitable we also employ monthly backups to external servers of all your files for peace of mind.

Constant Adaptability

At your hopefully long time at Galactic Servers we will do our best to adapt to your needs. Constantly improving on your feedback and suggestions allows us to become the best business solution you will ever need. Running multiple projects with us has its perks, by combining different project you can combine fees and developement times.


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Our Mission

We are a dedicated hosting company directed and motivated to providing our clients with the best possible services without restrictions for the lowest price possible. We don't believe in hidden costs or charge premium for services. Our mission goal is to provide the world with affordable hosting.


About Us

Galactic Servers an long standing firm which was set up to break into the hosting market for affordable hosting with quality services. With a growing group of dedicated staff our team is determined to help bring the best support available with affordable pricing to everyone.

Whilst setting up and continuing to explain, Galactic Servers will continue to provide a quality services to its loyal member with the community in mind. Providing hosting solutions is our main service but we also accompanying for many other services which you can find through our site.

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